Order Form – Press Release Writing & Distribution Service

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Use this form to tell us what we need to write and distribute your press release. If we have questions, we will contact you by email.

1) We will write a press release based on the information you provide below.
2) We will send you a draft press release for your approval.
3) If further edits are needed, we will do those.
4) Once you approve of the draft press release for distribution, you will have to send us an email to info@initium.center that says “I give you permission to distribute the press release titled [HEADLINE] on [DATE]. We cannot distribute the press release with your express written permission.
5) We will submit your press release to the distributor.
6) After the distribution process has been completed, we will send you a report that shows the results of the distribution process.

Terms and Conditions: By placing this order, you agree to the following: In delivering the service, we will be utilizing the services of a third-party company, PR Newswire. Your order is subject to their editorial guidelines and may require modifying the content of your press release. PR Newswire may also reject your press release if it does not meet their standards. If PR Newswire rejects your press release, we will cancel your distribution order and refund you in full. We make no representations as to the performance or merchantability of the PR Newswire service. By placing an order for press release distribution with PR Newswire, you agree to indemnify and hold harmless HB Publications, LLC from any legal liability arising from the distribution of the press release. HB Publications, LLC will only distribute your press release after receiving your express written approval for such distribution. Once a press release has been sent into distribution, it cannot be recalled. No changes can be made to it after it has gone into distribution.